Selling real estate - 5 steps to success

Selling real estate – 5 steps to success

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Personal initial consultation – what, when, how?

Understanding your personal sales motive, developing your preferences for the course of the sales process and getting to know all facets of the property are the focus of a personal initial consultation. We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the property from the perspective of the prospective buyer and develop a strategy in accordance with your wishes. We make real estate marketing easier for you. Competent, enthusiastic about technology and always on the same page with you. 100% discretion applies at all times.

Determination of the market value of your property and offer price

Before the marketing of the sales object can begin, the sales price should be set carefully and solidly. Because: If the price is set too low, the seller will lose money. If the price is set too high, the property will stay on the market for too long. Potential buyers are looking for a catch, especially if the price is gradually falling. With such a pricing strategy, a beautiful property can quickly become a slow-moving item.

ATTENTION: If the price is set above 20% of the market value, to advertise it takes an average of 372 days. Ultimately, the sales price achieved reaches only 85%. (Source: Immobilien Profi Nr. 85/2016, iib Institut Dr. Hettenbach GmbH)

We at 4 M prepare a detailed market value appraisal based on comprehensive market analyzes, location, condition, age and equipment of your property.

Target group analysis and marketing

We will place your property in the right place for specific target groups.

Each property is only of interest to certain groups of buyers. A buyer analysis is therefore essential for solid marketing. In order to find the right buyer and to achieve the best possible sales price for you, we use a wide range of marketing channels. This includes our database with over 35,000 prospective buyers – local, regional and international. We reach around 200,000 users a month with our social media campaigns. Another highlight is the presentation of all the advantages of your property on around 60 internet portals as well as our national and international real estate agents network. Targeted offline marketing is an extra value we provide for.

Reporting on the current marketing status

We always keep you up to date!

The credo of day-to-day work with our customers is regular reports on the marketing status and immediate information on relevant events such as purchase price offers, new marketing knowledge, etc. The same applies to the individual coordination in the case that a strategic realignment of the marketing strategy is necessary.

Verifying prospective buyers.

Real estate offers often attract a large number of interested parties. At the beginning of this process it is important to identify the interested parties. A professionally working real estate agent speaks intensively with the customer about the property to be sold as well as about his personal wishes and needs before the viewing appointment. In terms of trustworthy communication between buyer and seller, it is just as important to verify the buyer’s economic situation. In this way, the efficiency of the viewing appointments is preserved for everyone involved.

Contract negotiation and sales contract

Sensitivity is required as part of this process. For many people, buying a property is the biggest and most important investment of their lives. After all, it is about large amounts of money and sometimes not inconsiderable differences in the setting price. At this point in particular, contract negotiations must be conducted professionally and moderated in a way that connects interests. The aim is to finally agree on a common property price. Once the buyer and seller have agreed on all the necessary key points, we will take over the necessary preparations for the first draft of the contract and will be happy to recommend reputable contract builders. In agreement with the seller or landlord, buyer or tenant and contract maker, we make an appointment to sign the contract. With the signature of all parties involved, the transaction is legally effective and successfully concluded.

For a private seller, negotiating the purchase price and contract is new territory.

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