Types of evaluations

Types of evaluations

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How do I get the best possible price when selling my property?

Selling real estate is a complex process. Do not take any risks when selling and. Set a realistic, market-driven and promising offer price, with our help.

Types of property evaluations:

  • Comparative value approach
  • Real value approach
  • Income value approach

Comparative value approach

The property to be valued is compared with similar properties in the vicinity. The collected real estate transactions in the immediate vicinity serve as the basis. This method has disadvantages, as it is more of a guideline value. However, the actual value of a property depends on many other factors. B: Right of use, condition of the property, year of construction, floor, exact location, possible uses, floor plan, infrastructure, etc.

Real asset approach

The property price is determined using two factors. The first is the land value, the second is the building value. The real value of the building is determined by influencing factors such as the condition of the building, the year of construction, the total period of use and the remaining period of use. The determination of the real material value of an object is a difficult matter and should therefore be carried out extremely conscientiously. This procedure should be the basis for real estate that is used by oneself.

The income approach

This is used to determine the market value of real estate that is intended to generate income through leasing. The focus is not on the value of the property itself, but on the highest return. The owner intends to generate the highest possible return on the property. In the income value method, the price is determined from the land value, the real estate value of the building, the income value of the building and the property interest. For potential investors, this process is usually the basis for a purchase decision.

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